BMW Control Kit

$211.69 excl. VAT

Special controller kit for BMW “GS” bikes: R1200 GS, R1200 GSA, R1250 GS, R1250 GSA, R1300GS, F850GS, F850GSA, F850 GSA Rallye MY 2013 and up. Both older analog and TFT dashboard models.

And some other models (list will grow, as we continue to test various BMW models equipped with BMW Multi-Controller): F900XR, S1000XR (only K49 model is compatible –  produced until 2019, BUT, since 2018 it is produced simultaneously with K69 model, which is NOT compatible).

S1000XR models: these bikes use 2 different e-throttles types across model years – please check the e-throttle picture in BMW Control Buttons description to make sure your specific model is compatible.

The kit includes the BMW Control Hub and BMW Control Buttons. If you are only interested to get limited functions on the BMW Multi-controller, please consider purchasing the BMW Control Hub separately. If you change you mind later, the BMW Control Buttons are also available for purchase separately.

Please read detailed specifications for compatibility requirements (first of all, your bike needs to have BMW Multi-Controller equipped and functional)

In stock (can be backordered)

Detailed information:

Designed for BMW GS bikes MY 2013 till present. WARNING: the GS in your motorcycle model name is really important. GS line is not the same like other BMW Motorrad line-ups.

However the following compatibility requirements need to be met:

  • Manufacturing year 2013 and newer (! manufacturing year, not the year when the bike was first purchased!);
  • Motorcycle is equipped with BMW Multi-Controller;
  • “navigation” option is enabled in the motorcycle firmware. All Adventure models have that option enabled, if they came with the “Preparation for navigation kit” installed as standard accessory. Other models will have the navigation option enabled, if the BMW Navigator V or VI Mount Cradle is installed on them now or was installed in the past. You do NOT need the BMW Navigator Mount Cradle to use BCMD Hub;
  • Motorcycle models is among “GS” line, unless another specific model is declared by Carpe Iter as compatible (please check this product page or section of our website dedicated to BMW Control for updated list of other compatible models – the list will grow as we continue to test more motorcycle models).
  • for BMW Control Buttons, you need a bike with e-throttle grip (not the older, thin bowden style). Please check BMW Control Buttons description for details.

Manuals here: Support

Videos with basic information here and here. More video guides, installation video and tutorials are coming soon.

Video walkthrough for first time connection of BMW Control to Android here.

For further product details please refer here and here. Please also check details about the Carpe Iter Controller app – an essential software absolutely required for full controller function. Apps supported by the controller are detailed here.