Terrain Command III with Locus Map

From $225.14

Terrain Command III with new buttons – injection molded body from glass-filled nylon (near indestructible material).

Completely dust and water sealed buttons. Similar button feel like ICO standard buttons.

New more ergonomic buttons’ shape.

For product details please refer here. Please also check details about the Carpe Iter Controller app – an essential software absolutely required for full controller function. Apps supported by the controller are detailed here

Manuals to be found here.


In stock (can be backordered)

1 × Terrain Command III
1 × Carpe Iter Silver for Locus Map - software unlock code

Detailed information:

Every Carpe Iter controller is now entitled to Carpe Iter Next-gen HUD (Heads Up Display), which we are actively developing and which will include mini Homescreen to launch other apps, quick access to frequently used functions, ODO meter, electronic motorcycle dashboard, electronic rally roadbook, but most importantly, a navigation section, which will INCLUDE LIFE-TIME WORLD-WIDE OFFLINE MAPS with track recording and GPX import / export functions. The list of features will grow, as we progress with the development. 

Until we are ready to publish the Next-gen HUD, a FULL-FEATURE NAVIGATION solution is brought to you for your Carpe Iter Controller by Locus Map. After the purchase of a Carpe Iter Controller, you will receive an unlock code for Carpe Iter specific Premium subscription of Locus Map, which will combine the benefits of Silver with unlimited world-wide offline maps. In case you are purchasing Carpe Iter Controller as part of a complete kit, you will instead receive a more feature-rich Locus Map subscription, that comes with the kit. The Locus Map subscription is linked to the account, which activated it, and cannot be transferred. 

Terrain Command is also sold in other configurations – please check Terrain Command Rally Kit and DIY kit.

Fits 22mm handlebars
Button Section cable length: 100cm / 39″
HUB buttons connector length: 10cm / 4″
HUB sensor cable: 10cm / 4″
HUB input leads 12VDC cables 38cm / 15″