BMW Control Buttons

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Additional buttons for full BMW Control Hub functionality. These buttons do not have a function on their own – they must be connected to the BMW Control Hub.

WARNING: compatible with e-throttle grip. If you have the older “analog” throttle assembly, it will not fit. Please check detailed description.

Compatible with BMW “GS” bikes: R1200 GS, R1200 GSA, R1250 GS, R1250 GSA, R1300GS, F850GS, F850GSA, F850 GSA Rallye MY 2013 and up. Both older analog and TFT dashboard models.

And some other models (list will grow, as we continue to test various BMW models equipped with BMW Multi-Controller): F900XR, S1000XR (only K49 model is compatible –  produced until 2019, BUT, since 2018 it is produced simultaneously with K69 model, which is NOT compatible).

S1000XR models: these bikes use 2 separate e-throttles types across model years – please check the e-throttle picture below to make sure your specific model is compatible. If your e-throttle looks like what is show on the picture (the smaller diameter of the cone points to the center of the handlebar), do NOT get the buttons – they are not compatible.


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Detailed information:

The BMW Control Buttons will mount on the stock e-throttle grip assembly – all stock controls stay, where they are. Please check graphics for details.

WARNING: it will not fit on older analog throttle assembly (e.g. part No. 61317708220 or 61317708228 and similarly styled throttle assemblies (much thinner than the e-throttle). If you have some like what is shown on the picture below, please do NOT buy this product:









If you would be planning to put the BMW Control Buttons on a non-GS bike, please note that they are NOT compatible with this style of e-throttle: