Tower for KTM 1290SA/R MY17-20

$513.04 excl. VAT

Fits KTM 1290 SA/R MY 2017-2020 (for MY 21+ check here).

Essentially a rally tower constructed inside the stock plastics. You can’t really see it on the outside of the bike, but it will make the whole front of the bike rock solid and stop the stock plastics from flexing / vibrating. A must have for riding off the paved roads, especially if you plan to mount a heavier GPS at the front of the bike, such as Carpe Iter Pad (CI Pad). At the same time it very much preserves the stock look of the bike, which is a great plus in countries, where aftermarket accessories could cause issues during the regular bike technical examinations.

Most solid solution we’ve seen so far to create a sturdy platform on KTM 1290 Super Adventure bikes to mount anything heavier than a small cell phone. We have hands-on experience with this kit – it is installed on our inhouse KTM 1290 SAR MY18. Highly recommended!

This kit includes the GPS Bracket for KTM 1290 SA/R.

This kit also includes USB socket (the stock socket on the bike is removed during installation).

Designed and made in Germany.

The GPS Bracket for KTM 1290 SA/R is modified for CI Pad. It has larger stand-offs to allow for easy installation and positioning of Carpe Iter Lightweight holder behind the windscreen.

If you ride with the “R” windscreen, please make sure CI Pad is fully covered by the windscreen (you will have to put the windscreen into higher position or get a larger windscreen).

This part is not made by Carpe Iter and is only offered to let you get also the required mounting for our kit in one place. If you plan to use it with something else than Carpe Iter kit, please consider purchasing at the source: Heizkorper Modifications That’s also the place to ask about installation and such.

If you are only looking for a sturdy platform to mount CI Pad (or other heavier GPS device) and are not interested to reinforce the whole front of the bike, consider the GPS Bracket for KTM 1290 SA/R as a self-standing solution.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

Detailed information:

For installation instructions please check here: Heizkorper Modifications

When installing the tower, the stock USB socket on the bike will be removed. If you want to have the possibility to charge something via USB on your bike, consider adding this: USB socket for KTM Tower