GPS Bracket for Handlebar Clamp

From $60.42

Creates universal APMS platform on the handlebar. Please make sure that handlebar clamp mounting holes match dimensions indicated in picture gallery (the fit is not universal for all bikes).

30x38mm hole pattern drilled for M4 (M4 adapter plate for Lightweight holder required).

Both landscape and portrait supported.

If you do not plan to use it for mounting our Lightweight holder, you can remove the M4 adapter plate from the kit.

This bracket is made by NiceCNC, not Carpe Iter, and is only offered for ease of shopping everything you need for installation in one store.

1 × GPS Bracket for handlebar clamp
$60.42 excl. VAT
remove, if not needed
1 × M4 adapter plate for Lightweight Holder

Detailed information:

Please check the mounting holes spacing in the gallery. It will fit most KTM bike models, both light enduros and adventure models, plus any other bike with handlebar clamp hole pattern that fits within the indicated dimensions.

The provided CNC machined stand-offs must be installed between the bracket base plate and handlebar clamp to ensure that the base plate is not pressed against the handlebar clamp. Otherwise the mounting screws cannot be properly torqued, which will result in (A) insufficient tension allowing the handlebar to move out of position (very dangerous) and (B) bending the bracket.

Installation procedure:

  • Remove screws from handlebar clamp on your bike
  • Install the bracket base plates (including the CNC machined stand-offs) on top of the handlebar claim with provided M8 screws. The bracket comes pre-assembled – you need to remove the base plates from the assembly. Torque all bolts to values prescribed for your bike (the main mounting screws will not be easily accessible for re-torquing after completing the installation).

  • Remove top part of the bracket from the bracket main body.

  • Install the main body of the bracket on top of the base plates.

  • Install Lightweight holder on the top part of the bracket (or other device you plan to put on your handlebar). Graphics only show the Holder base plate – imagine whole holder:-)

  • Install top part of the bracket.

  • Align parts, adjust angles to your liking and torque the bracket screws.


Included hardware:

M8x40 -4x

CNC machined stand-offs 4x

M4x14 – 4x (for Lightweight holder adapter plate)

M4 nut – 4x (for Lightweight holder adapter plate)

M4 washer – 8x (for Lightweight holder adapter plate)