Terrain Command Button – Red (old)

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Did a button stop working or is it malfunctioning? No need to throw the whole Terrain Command button section away! Use this button as a spare part. Video tutorial will be published later.

WARNING – make sure you get the correct button style – about mid 2022 we changed the button style. Check the picture for “new” and “old” version displayed on our eshop and compare to your specific buttons – the shape is distinctly different.

Replacement is very simple – remove the bottom part of the CNC button housing, cut wires on the malfunctioning button, make out the silicone putty, remove old button, insert new button and solder the wires back. The buttons are polarity ignorant – you do not need to worry about polarity. If you want to be thorough (you probably should be) – apply some silicone on the solder joint before closing up the CNC machined housing. If you ever did some soldering and used a screw driver, the whole thing will take you 15 minutes tops.

Before you start wondering why the silicone fill is so “ugly” – this is for single purpose: to let you replace the buttons individually without the need to throw away the whole CNC machined part. It is in fact more time consuming to do it the way we do, when compared to just simply flooding the whole interior with a sealant. If we did that, there would be no way to replace individual buttons. At the same time, the silicone is only where it needs to be – supporting the soldering joints and preventing them from breaking off due to vibrations.

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