TCMD Buttons – Glass-filled Nylon

$59.36 excl. VAT

New buttons’ style for Terrain Command – injection molded from glass-filled nylon (near indestructible material).

Completely dust and water sealed buttons. Similar button feel like ICO standard buttons.

New and more ergonomic shape.

Reverse compatible with Terrain Command II.

We are also working on CNC machined versions of the new buttons’ style. Also coming in March 2024. Just like on previous buttons’ generation, it will be possible to combine the CNC machined buttons with our CEV module adapters to create one instrument combining navigation / rally controls with standard motorbike controls (turn signals, lights, etc.). More information coming soon.

More information coming in a few days.

Backorders will ship in March 2024.

BACKORDER item. Our production team is at full throttle to make more ASAP. Check Newsfeed for updates.

Detailed information: