Mini Cockpit for handlebar – Universal

$148.29 excl. VAT

Universal Mini Cockpit for handlebar. Intended for bikes without a cockpit to provide some protection to the CI Pad.

This is not a part produced by Carpe Iter and we only offer that for the ease of shopping everything in one place. We have limited stock of these, so in case you plan to use it for something else than our kit, please consider purchasing from the original manufacturer:


That’s also the place, where you can learn more about it.

Available as part of this kit (free anti-vibration adapter included in the kit).

Lightweight holder, CI Pad (and the bike :-D) shown on the pics not included.

In stock (can be backordered)

Detailed information:

The installation images are just to show, how the Mini Cockpit looks, when mounted. It is not ideal solution for light enduros – the stock mask is usually too close for ideal installation angle and the brake hose might be obstructed by the Mini Cockpit. If your brake hose is the usual enduro style like shown on the pics, consider wrapping the hose with a tape to prevent damage by abrasion – it will probably rub against the Mini Cockpit with the forks depressed.

Please note that there is no installation manual at the moment. Please check the product gallery for some basic installation hints).