GPS Bracket for KTM 790/890 Adv MY19-22, KTM 390 Adv and Husqvarna Norden 901 MY22-24

$54.06 excl. VAT

Compatible with

– KTM 790 and 890 Adventure models, MY 2019-2022

– KTM 390 Adventure and Husqvarna Norden 901, MY 2020-2024

Creates universal AMPS hole pattern on the stock GPS platform at the front of the bike.

Threaded for M4 screws! To amount Carpe Iter Lightweight holder, you will need the M4 adapter plate, which is available for discounted bundle price as part of this combo.

CNC machined, black anodized.

This part is not made by Carpe Iter and is only offered for ease of shopping everything needed for installation of our kits in one place.

Make sure that the CI Pad is fully covered behind the windscreen to protect it from elements when riding at speed. This is especially relevant if you are using “R” screen on KTM models.

In stock (can be backordered)

Detailed information:

It is recommended to use the lower set of mounting holes on the Lightweight Holder:

Recommended assembly procedure when using the lower set of mounting holes:

1. Remove the top part of the bracket

2. Attach the top part of the bracket to the M4 adapter plate

3. Attach the M4 adapter plate to the Lightweight Holder

4. Attach bottom part of the bracket to the bike

5. Attach the Lightweight Holder to the bracket

If you can use the center mounting holes on the Lightweight Holder, you can attach the whole bracket to the bike and mount the holder subsequently – the center holes are accessible from the front side of the holder:

Additional mounting instructions are not provided (sorry).