Lightweight Holder

From $144.77

Carpe Iter Lightweight Holder in active or passive version.

CI pad v3, v4 and v4b can be charged:

a. Active Holder: via pogo pins and M8 Charging cable. M8 Charging cable can remain unplugged for easy CI Pad removal. Or you can plug it into CI Pad for additional power delivery reliability.

b. Passive holder: via M8 Charging cable only – it needs to be plugged into CI Pad every time you need to charge CI Pad. No as comfortable as the pogo pins, but much more reliable. Recommended solution for offroad or lighter single cylinders.

If you are not sure, get the Passive holder. The pogo pin charging connector is available as a separate accessory/spare part in case you would change your mind later. By installing it, you can rebuild the Lightweight Holder Passive into “active” version later.

You can check stock availability for each variation by clicking on individual items (pop-up ikon on each item on the right). If something is not in stock, please do not hesitate to place a back-order. These core items are never out of stock for long and our production is running year around.

Choose holder version
Passive= no pogo pins, M8 charging cable only (recommended for offroad). Active = pogo pins + M8 charging cable
Choose power source version
Black = turns on when input voltage exceeds 13,6V (engine started). Red = always on

Detailed information: