Power source 12-5V/3A Auto switching (BLACK) v_2

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Power source for the CI Pad v1, v3, v4 and v4b. This power source type automatically turns on when the voltage in your motorcycle electrical system exceeds 13.5V (engine running). In case your bike cannot provide sufficient voltage under load, please look here.

This is a version 2 of the black power source and has significantly lower consumption compared to the previous version. However, if you are not using your motorcycle regularly, consider connecting the power source to ignition operated auxiliary power outlet (it will cut the power source off when you put ignition into OFF position and prevents any battery drain).

In case you are using LiFePO battery type, you need to connect the power source to ignition operated auxiliary power outlet, or the battery will be drained significantly before the power source disengages (LiFePO batteries’ nominal voltage exceeds the power source switching threshold).

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