Hall Sensor for Front Wheel

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Magnetic hall effect sensor for real distance measurements based on motorcycle front wheel rotation.

Compatible with Terrain Command III Hub (Kit) and BMW Control Hub (Kit).

Compatible with motorcycles, which have pre-drilled brake caliper for installation of a front wheel sensor treaded for M8 (this is a standard tread size for front wheel sensor).

The sensor is based on hall effect technology – almost limitless life span and best possible reliability. Standard front wheel magnetic sensors are simple reed switches.

What is included:

a. magnetic hall effect sensor with locking nut

b. 2x simple neodymium magnet disk 10x1mm (1 to use for installation, 1 spare)

c. 5x zip ties to secure sensor cable.

If your brake disk is pre-drilled for sensor magnet installation, please check the product 9,5mm magnet with circlip and 9mm magnet with circlip – magnets with circlips should be preferred in that case.


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