Yamaha Tenere 700 Power Cable 3pin

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Adapter cable for stock 3 pin power outlets on Yamaha Tenere T700.

Compatible with new(er) connector style on the bike style – please check graphics.

Terminals on the device side are Faston 250 (6.3mm) female sockets with silicone sleeves to prevent short circuit. These connectors are compatible with Carpe Iter power sources and controllers.

This adapter cable will make your installation of Carpe Iter controller and power source for CI Pad plug and play. One output lead is longer so that you can make connection to the Carpe Iter connector behind the bike headlight.

The adapter splits the output so that you can connect both the Carpe Iter controller and power source for the CI Pad into one power outlet on your T700. The combined consumption is within bike specifications (but you need to watch total power draw, in case you are connecting other accessories to the bike).

Available also for Yamaha 2 pin socket.

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