Power source 12-5V/3A Always ON (RED)

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Alternate type of power source for the CI Pad v1, v3, v4 and v4b. The power source is always active and always draws power from the motorcycle electrical system. Indented to prevent issues with auto-switching power source (standard accessory) on bikes that are unable to keep voltage levels above the switching threshold (13,5v under load).

Can be ordered as an option with our kits and holders.

If connected directly to bike battery, it will be draining the battery constantly – the drain will be significant, if you will leave CI Pad charging on your bike with engine stalled, which could result in a completely depleted bike battery within a few hours.

You can prevent bike battery drain by connecting it to ignition operated auxiliary power out let (mind the power outlet maximum power rating – please see CI pad manual for details).

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Detailed information:

1x 12V input cable lenght: 39cm / 15″
2x 5V output cables lenght: 5cm / 2″