Ducati Desert X mounting combo

From $49.61

GPS bracket for Ducati Desert X plus additional components for easy mounting of Carpe Iter Lightweight holder:

  • AMPS base
  • Anti-vibration adapter (to serve not only for dampening, but also as a spacer for more freedom of angle adjustment)

Compatible with model years 2022-2024.

The bracket shaft is universal 12mm.

If you are only interested in the bracket, check this.

1 × GPS bracket for Ducati Desert X MY22-24
$49.61 excl. VAT
1 × AMPS M5 v2
1 × Anti-vibration adapter for Carpe Holders

Detailed information:

Please note the following limitations ensuing from the bracket design when mounting Carpe Iter Lightweight holder over the AMPS base:

  1. because of the holder size (it is designed for large screen device), you will be able to rotate the holder to control the viewing angle only when the holder is mounted in the upper set of holes (holder will be in the lower position)
  2. the bracket shaft must be in its top-most position (the bracket is designed for sliding the shaft up and down. If you want to rotate the holder, the shaft must be located at the top of the bracket or the bracket sides will be in the way).

You can stack the Anti-vibration adapter between AMPS base and the holder to mitigate some of the limitations mentioned above (the adapter will bring the holder further away from the bracket allowing for more freedom of angle adjustment despite the bracket design). Longer mounting screws that can accommodate both the AMPS base and the stacked up Anti-vibration adapter are provided.