Carpe Iter Silver for Locus Map – software unlock code

$19.08 excl. VAT

After your order is completed, you will receive a voucher for Locus Map subscription, which comes with your Carpe Iter Controller. The voucher will be sent to you by email after your order is completed (paid and shipped).

If Locus Map is not installed on your Android device, please download from Play Store: Locus Map

Please redeem the voucher in Locus Map application – please see details below in the description.

Make sure you are logged into the user account within Locus Map, which you plan to actually use – once you redeem the voucher, the subscription cannot be assigned to a different user.

Detailed information:

How to redeem Locus Map voucher (unlock code):

Login or create account in Locus Map: Locus Map user account – how to

Go to your account:

Select “Redeem voucher”

Enter the received code:

If you already have Locus Map subscription, by redeeming the voucher your existing subscription will be prolonged on a pro-rata basis depending on the level of your existing subscription.

Once you redeem the voucher, your order cannot be refunded fully, if you subsequently decide to withdraw from your purchase. Regular voucher face value will be deducted from purchase price refund.